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The reviews are in and the Cat Catcher is second only to Da Bird as the most popular interactive toy for cats in the World! Cats are tactual and they love the texture of our handwoven lures. They love the way it darts and skitters around. The special braided safety wire disappears from their sight as they focus on catching the prey. No matter what time of day bring out the Cat Catcher and they will be ready to play!

Cat Catcher

Da Bee

Da Ball

Da Fish

Da Purr Peller

Cat Catcher Refill

Da Rat Refill

Da Bee Refill

Da Birdie Refill

Da Feather Mouse Refill

Da Super Rod

Da Goldfish Refill

Da Fish Refill

Da Dragonfly Refill

Da Purr Peller Refill

Da Octopus Refill

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